Welcome to the free and exclusive yes or no tarot for this web, the only tarot that offers a divinatory answer to your question through the 22 Major Arcana of the Marseilles Tarot. If this is your first card reading, be sure of reading very carefully these explanations so you can understand well the method we have used.

Before reading the yes or no tarot cards it is necessary to think about a specific subject. The yes or no card reading invites you to choose a card from the deck, which will be showed straight or upside down, and the positive or negative answer will depend on it.

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Through our life we always face situations in which make a decision is required, but sometimes to decide what road to take is very complicated because the external and internal factors that are around us.

To answer to all your questions we use a more sophisticated and more precise method than the simple 3 card reading. With just one card you can get more nuances, because mysteries can confirm a research or give nuances to an answer that would have been otherwise too much complex.

It should also be taken into account that this divination game has the advantage of always giving an affirmative or negative answer (which does not allow uncertainty with a “maybe”). Said that, however, it must be noticed that some predictions sometimes are mixed. In this case, is better to let some time pass before asking again hoping for the yes or no online tarot to give a more clear answer.

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The method of this yes or no reading is simple. Click on one of the upside down cards and its answer will be revealed.

  • If the card is straight: YES.
  • If the card appears upside down: the answer is No.

What is the yes or no tarot

The yes or no tarot is the perfect card reading for those that are looking for a simple, concise and clear yes or no answer to a doubt. If you have a question on your mind that can be answered with a yes or a no, then this is the perfect place to start. This free tarot reading can be used without limits, but please just ask questions that can be answered with a yes or a no to get the best possible result.

Do you need to make a clear and immediate decision? There are many situations in the life where a decision has to be made and it would not be always easy to keep the doubts away. You cannot decide without thinking something important, important decisions are not easy to make. So you just have to ask to the yes or no oracle.

This is exactly why we have developed this free special oracle for you.

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You can ask questions regarding all life aspects. About love, couple life, work, future events, or for a situation in which you can only issue a judgment based on affirmative or negative answers.

The yes or no tarot oracle will respond with a yes or a no, just like that.

Discover the exclusive yes or no tarot reading in our free tarot card reading website. This is, by far, the easiest tarot card reading. Tarot will not make you wait for a full interpretation; it just has to answer your question with a yes or a no. In the modern future divination this kind of reading is every time more consulted. Its easiness of application is noticeable; it is exclusively based on the positive side of the 22 Major Arcana of the Marseilles Tarot, or better said on the negative one. If a card gives a positive answer it will be yes, otherwise, if a card with a negative answer, it will be simply a no. We wish you a good yes or no tarot card reading.

How does the yes or no card reading works

To determine a prediction we have developed our own system that takes into account the nature of the Major Arcana, as well as its appearance order in the deck. For example, The Emperor and The Pope are very positive, The Lovers and The Hermit are neutral, and Devil and The Tower are negative.

This card reading performance is simple. You must select a card among the 22 cards which posterior part appears in the next page. With every click, the cards appear before you showing the predictive answer. Once you have seen your answer you must press on “Repeat” to ask another question and choose another card. If you click on “Close”, you will have to shuffle the cards (by clicking on “Shuffle”) before selecting another one.

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Before choosing a card is very important to relax and to focus on the question for a brief moment. Cards are mixed for you but, if you wish it, you can click on the button on the end to reorganize the deck.

Free online yes or no tarot immediately answers the question you ask for with a YES or a NO. Simple and without registration, the yes or no tarot is a method to know the future that gives an affirmative or a negative answer to the consultation that is made. To perform a yes or no free card reading follow these steps: focus on your question, choose one of the 22 main tarot cards and instantly you will discover the answer. The yes or no tarot card reading are limitless, you can perform it as many times as doubts you have.

If the answer to my question is yes

If yes or no tarot gives a positive answer to your question (yes), or a favorable result for your problem, you must try to understand the symbolism of this answer to understand the current problems.

You can complete the information of the cards performing a Marseilles tarot card reading to concrete more about the question you have asked.

If the answer to my question is no

However, if the answer to your question is negative, a no, or an adverse result, you can try to understand the obstacles to consider new solutions.

In this case, we also recommend you to perform another tarot card reading of the ones we have in our website so you can give nuances to these consults.

What to ask to the free yes or no tarot cards

Close your eyes and ask your question: will I find the true love? Will I meet my soulmate? Will I get a job promotion? Will I lose my job? Will I get pregnant? Will I marry soon? Will my ex come back? Does he/she still love me? Will I buy a house? Will my illness get better? Will I have in good health in my future? These are just some example of all you can ask to the yes or no tarot.

You can ask all kind of questions about the field you want to, always that can be answered with a YES or a NO. Is then when the free yes or no tarot offers you a clear answer without waiting. Before choosing the tarot card, focus on your question. If you have more questions, it is necessary to perform more than one free yes or no tarot card reading. Finally, it will be your responsibility to make the right decision based on the yes or no answer. Trust them, cards never go wrong.

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Do you need a clear and concise answer to move forward in your life? If you have any question related with love, your job, money, health, etc. the yes or no tarot helps you to measure the pros and cons to guarantee precise and honest predictions.

With it is black or white, undoubtedly, with just 1 card you will discover which one is the right decision. Then, it will be your thing to keep moving forward through that way.

What questions can be made, what questions cannot be made? How the question must be?

The question we recommend you must be as open and without conditions as possible. This means that you have to think well on your consultation before making your question to be able to understand the answer. That is, taking into account the problem of the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of each consultant. Basically, if we consult appropriately, a serious and honest question, it can be expected a certain and reliable answer.

What the yes or no arcana cannot answer

You will not get an answer is you pretend finding a solution to concrete consultations about names, places, numbers or specific moments of your life, because these things need more clarifications than a simple yes or no. Keep in mind also that yes or no tarot is not useful for medical diagnoses. It just works for a question that can be answered by a simple yes or no, like throwing a coin, but with more certainty and reliability. However, online yes or no tarot can be very helpful when making decisions, but the ultimate responsibility relies on the consultant, of course.

Can anyone else read the cards for me?

Of course, yes. In moments when we are too ashamed or when we are emotionally affected is even more helpful if an innocent person performs for us the yes or no card reading. This ensures that the consultant is not under the influence of the cards and can clearly think on his question and better meditate the answer he gets. If one is full of illusions, emotions, worries and fears when performing the card reading, one can get conditioned by the answers and make unconscious decisions that one can regret about later. Here is better to leave the cards to a neutral, confident, person to decide.

Do I have to focus on the question before and during the card reading?

It is not necessary. That would be, sometimes, more an obstacle than a help. If you fear forgetting your question during the card reading, is even better if you write it. It is better that you repeat the question in your head and perform the yes or no card reading with your mind blank, the cards will equally answer you. In any case, you get a clear yes or no to your question.

How to ask a question to the yes or no cards

The yes or no tarot predicts your future with a simple card reading with a single answer. This is different from the prophecies that are made using calculations of date, time and year of birth. Each prediction selection on the card cannot indicate the same result. Accuracy depends on your intent and concentration at the time of selection. Therefore, it is very important to concentrate a lot to achieve the most accurate result.

yes or no questions

When you are ready, close your eyes, breathing deeply by expelling and inspiring for 1 or 2 minutes until you feel calm and relaxed. If you have sacred items you can take them and ask for their power to reveal your fortune through this reading. Then open your eyes and choose a card from the tarot deck.

If you do not have a lot of time, you are busy in a hurry and you cannot concentrate, we recommend that you continue and finish the tasks you have pending before performing the yes or no card reading. Return to tarot cards whether or not when you are ready and have enough time to look inside and meditate.

The yes or no tarot card reading

Many tarot readers do not stop at the free yes or no tarot, as they feel that it is not useful and is not so trained to answer their doubts. However, it has been shown to be very useful and can pave the way for more information in later, more complete readings. We all like to have a clear picture of the situation based on things as they are before moving on to seeking advice. That is another reason why yes or no tarot is becoming increasingly popular, because it is not only consulted for specific doubts but also to help a more complex consultation of the traditional 3-card tarot with complete predictions.

yes or no card reading

This reading is very simple. After stating the question, choose one of the cards that are shown to you. First, determine whether the answer is yes or no, and then think deeply about what that entails in relation to your formulated question.

If the answer is not what you expected then the subsequent readings you can ask small more concrete questions to qualify that result or make a three-card tarot card to find out more about your future about that query.

Results interpretation

This yes or no tarot card reading is very subjective; each one will have its own perception although the answer is as concrete as it is a yes or no. This means that, even if the reading can be performed by an intermediary as mentioned above, the answer will have a value or another depending on the person to whom it is addressed.

You can also ask for the opinion of someone close to you who is with us at the time of reading or it is the same person who has made our own free online yes or no card reading. But we recommend that in no case let your helper influence too much on your own perception of the response obtained, since you must take the final decision as it is your life, not anyone else’s.

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You may think that something as simple as a yes or no cannot has complication, but, nevertheless, its meaning changes depending on the consultant. For a person a yes can mean the end of all their problems and concerns; and it may be the sign of divine punishment to another person. The same happens with the no.

Here is a clear example of two similar cases that happened when performing this free yes or no tarot card reading:

  • A woman with problems to conceive consulted if she finally was going to get pregnant, as she wished so bad to be a mother. Cards answered her yes. Of course, the woman was very happy.
  • A young woman with the same problem of the first woman consulted if there was the possibility of having a severe medical problem and it also appeared a yes before her.

In both cases the answer was yes, but for one of them the answer was positive, for the other one was quite the opposite, it was a real suffering.

History and beginnings of the yes or no tarot

The yes or no tarot is as old as mankind. The human being has always been anxious to discover his future and the actions that will happen. The first means of divination were very rudimentary, a person with the gift of clairvoyance used objects such as stones, animal bones, herbs and even stars to predict the future. These people and their methods were known as oracles.

The oracle of every city or town was a solid social institution in antiquity, even political decisions were always counseled by the response of an oracle. In ancient Greece the idea that through the stars, sacred objects and gods can be read the future has prevailed until the present time. The person who wished to know his future paid the oracle for him to read the future. The more he was willing to pay, the question was more detailed and precise, so it was very widespread among the upper class rich people.

yes or no oracle

The most outstanding example of a yes or no oracle goes back to the famous Delphic oracle. The distinction between rich and poor changed.

In fact, even the poorest people could consult the Delphic oracle. You paid as you could, with anything you had. For example, both a copper coin and a chicken as an offering were worth.

When paying your donation, a priestess filled a container with white and black balls. The white ball was for a yes, black was not. This ritual has been carried out for decades by respected priests and seers.

It became so famous that some people went on long trips of several days to go and consult the oracle.

In fact, there are historical records based entirely on the answer of yes or no of the oracle of Delphi or other oracles. Marriage cancellations, abortions, separation of couples, one ruler or another, a political decision, etc. Guiding only by the ball that was taken from the oracle vessel.

What is and what was the first oracle

The word oracle is derived from Latin and means something like that is secure, it has more power.

An oracle is a person or a means to interpret the divine signs and it can also predict the future. In ancient times there existed in times and places different places where the priests occupied this function. The term oracle derives from the Latin verb orare, to speak.

Oracles could be found in many ancient civilizations. In China, for example, it was the I Ching or “Book of Changes,” which is a collection of oracles. In classical Greece was the oracle Sybil, in the temple of Apollo, in Delphi. In important decisions, such as war or policy matters, the oracle was consulted before any action was taken. The most important was the one dedicated to Zeus and Heracles. The second most influential oracle, Dodona, was the most important one.

Even Alexander the Great visited in his campaigns the sanctuary of the oracle of Siwa, in Egypt. This region was, in antiquity, known precisely by this oracle. Since his visit to Siwa, Alexander the Great had the belief that he was a son of Zeus himself.

History of the first oracle

The oracle of Delphi was initially consulted only once a year, on the anniversary of Apollo, the seventh day of the month Bysios. Later, on the seventh day of each month during the summer. In winter, he took a break of three months. According to the Greek idea of God, it was carried out by the Hyperboreans, a mythical town located in the north. The oracle ceased to be consulted at one stage by Dionyso’s command. But before the oracle spoke for the last time, he announced a posthumous omen: for a high priest to be consulted again he must sprinkle a little goat with icy water. The oracle remained silent, and the people seeking counsel had to return a month later. They sacrificed the poor animal and burned it on the altar. Now the prophecies could begin again. Accompanied by two priests, the Pythia went to the sacred fountain of Kastalia, where a bare bath was given to her for being ritually purified. Then she went to a second fountain, the Kassiotis, and drank some sips of holy water. Accompanied by two priests and members of the five men of the Pythia Council, she went to the temple of Apollo. She took herself to the altar of Hestia, where the vapors rose and intoxicated her with ethylene because of a crack there.

delphi oracle

Pythia then reached into a bowl of white and black beans and explained: white meant Yes, black No.

According to tradition, at the entrance to the Temple of Delphi, you can see the inscriptions “Know thyself” (ıvῶθι σεαυτόν) have been and “nothing in excess” (Meden Agan) attached. In particular, the first known symbol indicates the actual intention of worship, or revered deity, namely, solving problems and individual questions through examination of their own inner personality. The recognition of the “inner world” that served as access to problem solving in the “outside world”.

The second inscription (Meden Agan, “Nothing in excess” / “All in moderation”) urges modesty in his own actions.

The existence of these inscriptions is not known by the archaeological findings, but it was from the written records.

The end of the Delphic oracle came from the hand of Christian Kaiser Theodosius I in 390. The oracle was completely abolished.

The Delphi oracle myth

The temple of Apollo, in Delphi, reunited to a famous pilgrimage of the ancient Greece. It was the most important place of worship in the Hellenistic world at the time. According to the myth, Zeus had two eagles that flew from each end of the world meeting in Delphi. Since then, this place was considered the center of the world.

The temple was dedicated to Apollo, changing the divine paradigm since, in the beginning, the earth goddess Gaia was worshiped. The exact moment of the taking of possession of the sanctuary of Apollo is not known, but already Homer speaks of a cult to Apollo in Delphi in his famous adventure. The results show an increase in the popularity of the sanctuary since the eighth century BC.


In the ancient ritual cult of Gaia it is said that Apollo did not speak with a priest, but with the Pythia. They sat on a tripod above a crack. According to the myth, vapors arose from this abyss that provoked in the Pitia a state of trance. Early geological investigations initially indicate that it is doubtful whether the actual gases leaking into Delphi from the earth would cause such a state. Consequently, the myth is supposed to refer to non-physical gases, but to spiritual ones. However, new research, conducted by US geologist Jelle de Boer of the University of Wesleyan (Connecticut) in 2004 could prove plausible after extensive laboratory analysis that at Delphi, ethylene gas could have caused the trance of the priestess.

The yes or no tarot nowadays

The most popular and most consulted oracle of our days is the yes or no oracle, also known as the yes or no tarot. This type of clairvoyant vision is used to establish concrete questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This makes the process, both for the client and for the oracle, very fast, but it is also associated with a greater effort on both sides. Because the questions provided by the consultant should be formulated in the most accurate way possible. So, before deciding to consult this type of divination, you should take enough time to write down the questions you want to ask the oracle, as accurately as possible.

In earlier times, as we have explained before, the effort involved in consulting an oracle was very costly. Not all cities had seers, sometimes people who wanted to know their future were forced to travel thousands of miles to the nearest oracle, and they could not always afford the price of the consultation.

The sorcerer who had the gift of clairvoyance used different objects to carry out his predictions, such as stones, sacred religious objects, cards, a crystal ball, and sometimes even read the future in the hand of the consultant. The most powerful people, the upper class, had their own trusted visionaries who came at a time when the person needed it. We are referring, of course, to aristocrats of high society. It is known that even Napoleon himself had his own private tarotist.

yes or no reading

But today all this has evolved; we now have full access to numerous methods of divination that we can consult for free. The tarot is certainly the most consulted of all, since it can be done online, online, without leaving home, from your computer or from the mobile phone.

Following this progress, at free online tarot we offer you the free yes or no tarot available at any time for you. Exclusive to ask questions that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no”. This oracle will give you quick and clear answers. No guesswork. It responds you quickly with a positive or negative response, with no further complications.

The study of an unexpected situation that presents itself to us in the life by means of the consultation of the effective yes or no tarot can contribute to making of a firmer decision. But never forget that common sense and a sense of reality are also good advisers. If you are not sure if you do the right thing, ask honest people around you, like your relatives and friends, for advice. If you have many doubts in your life, consult the tarot first and then you can have more information to make a decision. You can start by asking a few short questions first to find out whether or not the free oracle shows you have useful resources for you, and then ask the specific question you were thinking about, the most important one.

This, the free yes or no tarot is one of the simplest means of divination, so simple that it answers with total certainty a very concrete word. Remember that if you want to qualify your query you can perform other tarot readings on our website: