The Marseilles Tarot has been in use since ancient times to reveal the keys that mark our past, present and future. It is the oldest divinatory art that exists. The cards are guided by the astral forces that govern the Universe. They connect with our spiritual energy to give us clarity in times of doubt or conflict and help us find a solution to our problems. The reading of Marseilles Tarot cards is completely subjective, since each person will interpret in their own way the reading that is presented to them. Each of us is different, so each card draw or reading will indicate different meanings to each one of us depending on how we find ourselves in that moment of our lives. The reading of Marseilles Tarot cards consists of choosing 3 cards from the shuffled heap. Due to the complexity suggested by the fact that some of the cards may vary in meaning depending on what other cards are on the same draw or reading, their interpretation will always be different from one draw or reading to another.