The Gypsy Tarot is the most famous method of clairvoyance known all over the world; it is a variation of the Marseilles tarot. This divination tool is widely used in the world of clairvoyance and it provides accurate information about our future. Reading the Gypsy cards can help you to solve emotional, psychological and professional problems.

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To have a full and happy life is the dream of us all. However, fate is always full of surprises, good or bad, and our life is not always windy. Love, work, health, friendship, money, everything travels in reader coasters that do not know where they will end up. We can accept to be surprised by the destiny with good news, but remember that they can also be bad. You can also choose to know our future to confidently prepare all the possible tricks we play to face the ups and downs of life. If we know all the secrets that the destiny holds for us, we can keep some ace in the sleeve for the possible eventualities that may arise along the way.

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Esotericism is an integral part of the life of the Gypsies from the dawn of time. Everyone knows that Gypsies are experts in the field of divination. Baudelaire’s book “The Flowers of Evil” describes the fact that the Gypsies had a strong attachment to divination. This peculiar gift and ancestral knowledge are deeply rooted in Gypsy customs. Along with the crystal ball and palmistry (read the hand), the Gypsy Tarot is one of the manifestations of their experience as visionaries of the future.

The beginnings of the Gypsy Tarot

The reliable Gypsy Tarot allows anyone who consults to know their nearest future in a simple way. As with other tarts, this tarot requires full attention in order to correctly interpret its symbols and arrive at clear and concise predictions of the future. Each illustration, each number and each color attached to each sheet represent a message about the destination of the person who consulted them.

The Gypsy Tarot is one of the most widely used means of predicting the future in the world, a real success among fans of gypsy clairvoyance and divination in general. It is different from the traditional tarot; the Tzigane Tarot is typical of the Gypsy nomadic people, descendants of the Gypsies. It is also the most successful of all.

It was precisely the gypsy people who extended the tarot as a method of seeing the future of the people, they were who used it and practiced it for themselves and for anyone who needed it.

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The nomadic, gypsy or bohemian peoples spread a culture all over the known world that mainly combines the laws of nature, introspection and the occult. Therefore, the Gypsies are at the origin of the birth of several divination arts, the tarot among them.

But there is another theory that the gypsy people were the discoverers of this deck, which would begin to be used because of its clarity and simplicity to extend its divination arts, particularly in Hungary (Budapest), but soon extended to the rest of Europe mainly due to the nomadic nature of the gypsy people.

Anyway, the Gypsy Tarot deck is different and unique, it consists of 36 letters in which appear characters that because of their dressing seem to be part of a high class, and landscapes, animals, places, which can be worth to predict and explain the most fundamental aspects of our life.

Where does the Gypsy Tarot come from?

The Gypsy Tarot was recognized in 1340. Its creation, however, dates back to a much earlier date. As its name indicates, this tool of divination comes from the gypsy people, a society that began to emigrate across Europe in the 850 BC.

Upon arrival to the European continent, they were not very well received, since it was thought that their gift for clairvoyance was witchcraft.

However, they have survived in these difficult conditions thanks to their nomadic and traveling lifestyle, gaining the trust of neighboring peoples thanks to help them solve their problems through tarot.

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The first signs of the existence of the Gypsy Tarot as we know it did not emerge until the fourteenth century. However, it is known that since the 9th century it was actually used as a reading of the common tarot. The reliable Gypsy Tarot is very popular because of its ancestral use and its essential function, which is the prevention of risks in the future. Clairvoyance can be comparable to an exploration of our unconscious.

Contrary to popular belief, the gypsy people come from India and Egypt. The origins of the term “gypsy” come from the Russian “tsigan“, which is probably derived from the Greek word “atsinganos“, called the untouchables.

The gypsy people are known for their immense gifts of clairvoyance and their attraction to the different divinatory arts.

It is well known that ‘fortunetelling‘ gypsies must keep the secret of their practice and their genuine knowledge. That is why their rich knowledge is transmitted from mothers to daughters for generations. For these ancient peoples, tarot cards serve as their guide in life.

Interpretation and meaning of the Gypsy cards

Tarot allows us to be well informed about sentimental, professional and family matters that interfere with our destiny.

The gypsy people have an ancestral knowledge and an innate talent for clairvoyance. They transmit from mother to daughter their knowledge, viewpoints of expectations and also their tarot. Gypsy cards are only guided and help to put into words to what they feel intimately as the response to the situation described by the consultant.

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Easy to understand and accessible enough, we invite you to try the skills of the Tzigane Tarot divination for 2017. You will find that it is an interesting and precise tool with which you can obtain an answer to the most diverse questions that life proposes to us.

The Gypsy Tarot cards are decorated with great color illustrations and are very explicit. This deck of cards consists of 36 sheets. The Gypsy Tarot deck is the most reliable, effective and most used by tarot reader. Its origin dates back to the 11th century. Nowadays it is used mainly to obtain answers to our relatively mundane questions of the daily life.

The Gypsy deck

Of all that are known, the Gypsy cards are the most peculiar tarot deck, since it has a cover different from the one used in other tarots, with a special symbolism and different from the other cards, but its origin is linked to the others variants of tarot. Therefore, to better understand its origins we must first return to the very origin of tarot.

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The first deck of this tarot was the one of Lenormand, a gypsy that supposedly designed the first cards. Her name was given to the deck because she is thought to be Miss Lenormand, a famous clairvoyant who was famous for reading the cards to the French noble class at the end of the 18th century, who created and named this type of deck. This theory is based on the characters that appear in the pictures in their typical costumes of the time.

The Gypsy Tarot consists of 36 letters, richly illustrated, whose symbols cover the most diverse areas of daily life and that can inform you in relation to your love life, your professional evolution and all other aspects of your person.

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The Gypsy Tarot deck consists of thirty-six illustrated sheets. This is one of the holiest methods of divination known. The symbols found on the cards bring messages about every aspect of our lives every day. Do not be fooled, the Gypsy Tarot is reliable and easy to understand, it is accessible to everyone. Its ability to give clear and precise answers to the most varied applications is impressive.

We can learn how to interpret Gypsy charts by professional tarot consultants, clairvoyance and divination but thanks to the help of our experts we have developed an online tool with which you can consult the free online tarot card for free.

The free Gypsy card game

As you may know, the Gypsy cards are used to make predictions about the issues and conflicts that arise in our lives. During a free Gypsy card reading, are chosen 3 cards. The first letter represents the health of the consultant and his past, the second represents his economic and labor situation and his present, and the third one represents his love and sentimental life or his future. Not only are the representation of the present, the future and the past as it happens with the rest of tarots, these cards also indicate the states of the life of the consultant.

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The method of reading the Gypsy cards that we offer here is the three card reading. This gives you an overview of your current and future life. Being the first card is the cause of your current problem. The second refers to the moment you are living. And the third gives you instructions and advice to solve the complicated situation in which you are immersed.

It shows you a global image and reveals the complexity of the situation. The first sheet will represent the cause of this conflict, the second one gives clues as to the possible evolution, the third one is the advice of the oracle or the outcome, which will actually occur with or without your intervention.

However, there are several options available to perform a complete free Gypsy card reading. You can choose the single card reading: the easiest way to get a quick answer if your concern is unique and well defined.

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The cross spread is also a method of consulting the Gypsy Tarot used by tarot readers in their cabinets, but it is a method little used. It consists of the position of your first card starting from the left side represents your past; the second sheet is about what is not exercised control in the current situation, what escapes from us. With the top card you will be informed about your future situation and its evolution. The card that is placed underneath the Cross gives you clues about the secret acts that are going to happen, either by friends or by your enemies. These can be acts of kindness or evil. The fifth card, which is the most important, should never be placed in the middle of the reading. Place it in place of the Cross. Why? Since it represents the solution to your problems, to the situation that develops, it is correct to place it that way.

Example of a Gypsy cross spread

Imagine that you consult the Gypsy Tarot for a sentimental issue and you get the following cards.

The widower: lack of communication, the other person makes a deaf ear that is what caused the blockade in the couple. In front of your partner, you feel like facing a wall.

The loss: you cannot always win. What is known is that you have bad luck; you may not be made for each other.

cross spread

The death: a great change is expected in the near future. The situation can be only light; a new beginning in the marriage life is possible. The couple has to make a decision based on their most sincere feelings.

The joy: the forces that act in the shadows are with you. Nothing bad will affect your relationship. This mainly means that the responsibility for a possible failure is only up to you two.

The Gypsy Tarot of love

Making an inquiry about your professional or family life is not the only purpose of this tool. Tzigane Tarot is also a powerful aid in matters that concern love. In this web you can also ask questions about your romantic life to the Gypsy love Tarot and it will answer you.

If you are not sure if he really loves you, if you would like to know if your ex will return with you, if you can get pregnant, if your partner and you are getting married in a short time or if you should end your relationship, reading the Gypsy love cards right now and find out.

If there is something that worries us more than work or money is love. More and more people with love conflicts consult the Gypsy love cards to find the solution to their emotional problems.

If you want to look only into the future and forget the mistakes and problems that were committed in the past in your relationship, the Gypsy love Tarot is ideal for this type of circumstances.

gypsy love tarot

That is why we have made available to all who need it the possibility of reading Gypsy love cards completely free of charge and without having to provide any personal information. Do not forget that thanks to the free Gypsy Tarot consultation you can also inform yourself of the possible routes to choose in your life when you have to make an important decision that will affect your destination.

The free Gypsy love tarot is involved in the development of your life today and tomorrow in sentimental issues. Among other things, this type of tarot is widely consulted to:

  • discover the current state of our karma
  • raise awareness of our love affairs
  • establish an analysis of our current ills of love
  • obtain appropriate solutions to find happiness in our relationship
  • solve our love problems, whether we are single or with a partner

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