The Egyptian tarot is one of the oldest known means of divination that exists today on Earth. The legend says that it embodies a mixture of various divination arts such as, for example, astrology and numerology. Based on this, free Egyptian tarot cards have not changed since then; it remains the same as it was used thousands of years ago.

The free Egyptian card reading is made with 3 sheets; these will give you the predictions of your past, present and future according to the place they occupy in the reading: the first card is the one from the past, the second is the present and the third and last card you draw is your future.

If you want to know what the destiny will be for you, perform the free Egyptian card reading now by clicking on the image below.

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Ancient Egypt has always fascinated us with its mysteries and its religion, built on the foundations of astrology, numerology and divination arts. Therefore, it is not surprising that the free Egyptian tarot offers a unique approach to answer the questions that disturb us while providing us with a very clear vision of the future. Free online tarot offers you free Egyptian tarot reading online for you to consult as many times as you want.

Therefore, the Egyptian tarot is a guide to understand the inner workings of the soul.

It is also a good counselor that reveals the mysteries that live deep within us.

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In addition to all its mysteries, we must not forget that the gods of the Egyptian pantheon also help to find the answers to the questions that arise in our daily life, both personally and professionally.

Due to the complexity of the symbolism embodied in the Egyptian cards the interpretation of a reading is not available to anyone. We have to realize that the free Egyptian tarot is not like the rest. Therefore, our specialists have interpreted each card and have created accurate predictions so that anyone who wants to make a free Egyptian card reading can clearly see the answers.

Free Egyptian Tarot and Clairvoyance

The divination power of the Egyptian cards is given by the symbols and hieroglyphs that are printed on each sheet. These illustrations and symbols are the ones that show the way of destiny. Through them the secrets and wisdom of ancient Egypt are transmitted.

The God of the Egyptian scribes, who inspired the seers to create the Egyptian tarot, is the all-powerful Thoth, who had a great influence on the people of this town in the time of Ptolemy.

This millenary culture spread throughout the European continent over time, being very influent in the Marseilles Tarot.

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The Egyptians worshiped many deities who had forms of animals like cats, dogs, snakes, reptiles, etc. These gods had a special meaning for them, but in the field of divination and clairvoyance the most important was Apis, considered as the incarnation of the soul of Osiris. Apis was considered the oracle of the Egyptians whom all consulted to know the future that awaited them.

He was paid homage at the Memphis Temple. His image was a bull-headed man, the belief is that this god dwelt in the body of a bull born of a virgin cow bathed by the moonlight and, at the death of the animal, it was embalmed and its funeral was fully celebrated. Rumor has it that this peculiar animal had a triangular tuft of hair on the forehead and the silhouette of an eagle on its back.

But in addition to Apis, the Egyptian people also they counted on other gods sources of divination, that were Heliópolis and Abidos. The clairvoyance practiced by these gods consisted in depositing in their sanctuary a consultation written in papyrus, obtaining the answer in the same way.

The origin of the Egyptian tarot

Reputed archaeologists have made findings in their expeditions about the methods of divination of ancient Egypt that are very useful in explaining the origin of the Egyptian tarot. They found traces of symbols and hieroglyphs in pieces of molded clay, old manuscripts, rocks, and even ornamental objects.

Many of these findings are still on display at the National Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

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The Egyptians were fascinated by the death, by knowing what awaited them in the hereafter. They firmly believed that this life was left to have another after it, which is why their funeral rites were of such magnitude. They buried their leaders in magnificent underground tombs surrounded by precious things, delicacies of all kinds and even of their mascots, so that in the afterlife they would not lack anything. In their honor were erected huge sculptures jeweled and decorated to the smallest detail to honor their pharaohs and representatives.

the book of thoth

Egyptian symbolism has inspired the authors of tarot cards for decades, but their designs always represented conventional symbols and images, since it was difficult to understand the originals.

These decks were used to make card readings as early as the nineteenth century, and there were different decks but undoubtedly all were based on Egyptian originals.

We do not know the exact moment of its appearance, but some think that is the cause of the emergence of the Marseilles Tarot.

Divination in Ancient Egypt

The arts of divination were very present everyday in the Egyptian life through religion. In the pantheon of the Egyptian gods, each one had its own cult, its particular ritual objects and many distinctive symbols.

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These signs were used to guess the future. They used numerology, astrology and the nature phenomena to carry out the divinatory rituals.

Therefore, thanks to all these signs, the Egyptian tarot predicts with certainty the future of oneself and that of their loved ones.


Nowadays, the essence of the authentic Egyptian tarot has been recovered, completing the circle, since nowadays we have more means to be able to understand a little better the mysterious Egyptian symbology.

Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics are the key to accessing the right path of life to our destiny. Are a door that opens before knowledge.

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The head of the Egyptian tarot we use and we know today was a French arithmetic teacher of 1780, Jean-Baptiste Alliette, known as the great Etteilla, who based on The Book of Thoth to translate his teachings into the Egyptian tarot cards .

He knew that the Egyptian tarot as a method of divination was the key to answering specific questions accurately, being able to find out what the future holds clearly and solving personal conflicts.

The composition of the Egyptian cards

This mysterious tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into two large groups corresponding to the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

To read the Egyptian free tarot nothing is used but the Major Arcana.

These 21 first sheets of the deck are the most important cards of the card reading.

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While the Minor Arcana, unlike the traditional Marseilles Tarot and other similar ones, are a set of 56 letters representing daily scenes of life.

Then, we can observe that the Egyptian deck of cards divides as follows:

Major Arcans of the Egyptian Tarot

  • 7 positive cards
  • 7 negative cards
  • 8 neutral cards

These are: the Creator Magician, the Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Hierarch, the Indecision, the Triumph, the Justice, the Hermit, the Retribution, the Persuasion, the Apostolate, the Immortality, the Temperance, the Passion, the Fulminated Tower, the Hope, the Twilight, the Inspiration, the Resurrection, the Return, the Transmutation.

egyptian tarot cards

Minor Arcana of the Egyptian Tarot

  • 56 actions

Ordered by the numerology, the Minor Arcana of the Egyptian tarot are: the farmer, the weaver, the argonaut, the prodigy, the unexpected, the uncertainty, the domesticity, the exchange, the impediments, the magnificence, the alliance, the innovation, the despair, the initiation, the art and the science, the duplicity, the testimony, the foreboding, the restlessness, the preeminence, the hallucination, the thought, the regeneration, the heritage, the conjecture, the consummation, the versatility, the affinity, the counseling, the premeditation, the resentment, the examination, the contrition, the pilgrimage, the rivalry, the reconsideration, the revelation, the evolution, the loneliness, the proscription, the communion, the vehemence, the learning, the perplexity, the friendship, the speculation, the chance, the cooperation, the greed, the purification, the love and the desire, the offering, the generosity, the dispenser, the disorientation and the rebirth.

The Egyptian symbology of the tarot

In each major arcane of this tarot, if we look closely, we can see a series of symbols at the top and bottom that give us the keys to the correct interpretation of their predictions.

cards of the Egyptians

Let’s do an analysis of these symbols.

I The Magician – The Man

We see in the letter a pair of eyes that watch us; above them there is a symbol that represents a swirl of wind and earth (a tornado). On its left side we find a small bird, indicator of the fire, and on its right the symbol of the magnetic force.

II The Priestess – The Wife of the Magician

On its whole it means strength. We have a representation of the sphenoid, whose meaning is magnetism, and a bird that represents the sea. The meaning to all this is given by the symbol on its right: the storm.

III The Empress – Divine Mother

Left: a symbol that sends light to the central chakra.

Right: a symbol that sends light to the larynx chakra.

In the center: a sign that directs light to our spine.

IV The Emperor

It represents the physical, the vital, the astral and the mental aspects of life.

The right hand attracts the magnetic force. On top there is a vegetable that represents healing through plants. And on the left there is the representation of the office of the blacksmith.

V The Hierarch – The Rigor – The Law

These symbols together represent the advances in the means of terrestrial transport, the commerce and the defense of the health of the man.

VI The indecision – The lover

The representation of teaching. On the left we see a sign representing the attraction of solar energy, mining on the astral plane in the center, and on the right the protection.

VII The Triumph – The war chariot

The little bird warns us of the dangers that haunt us, the central sign represents the popular music, and the “M” shape indicates the attraction of astral magnetism.

VIII Justice – The Arcane of Job

It represents the mental strength that exists between brothers and favors the clairvoyance.

It indicates lunar strength, mental and psychic protection of the head chakras.

IX The Hermit – Inaction

Magnetism towards the central chakra located in the navel. The sign on the left avoids physical, mental and astral evils. On the right we have the strength of the earth element and in the center a sun that symbolizes the music.

X The Retribution – The Wheel of Fortune

It favors the luck in the games of chance, as in the lottery. The two parallel lines are the protective army; above the sphinx we have the representation of the marine and infantry military forces, and on the right the symbol of protection.

XI Persuasion – The Taming Lion

The representation of the igneous force. There are symbols of loving fidelity, protection of the loved one and flourishing of the businesses.

XII The Apostleship – The Sacrifice

The feline of the left is the justice and the sign on the right is the magnetism of the physical, mental and astral energies. The central symbol indicates protection from infectious diseases and the attraction of sunlight to the chakras of the ten Kabbalistic bodies.

XIII Immortality – Death and Resurrection

Sign of the human will. On the right we see the action against poisonous animal stings. On the center symbols of death and death. The bird is repeated again.

XIV Temperance – Marriage, association

It represents the chakras related to the upper respiratory tract.

XV Passion – Typhoon

It favors fishing, sport and livestock.

XVI The Fulminated Tower – The Fragility

The five points on the left are: the physical body, the vital one, the astral one, the mental one and the will. It favors the prevention in the falls and the cure in the accidents.

XVII The Hope – The Star

It is representative of the ocean and the sea. On the left we find the sign of the earth’s force, the central star is the sternum chakra, and on the right the chakras of the knees.

XVIII Twilight – Hidden Enemies

Left: protection on the road.

Center: protection in battle.

Right: protection of cartomancy.

XIX Inspiration – The Radiant Sun

It is an anti-evil eye protection. They also represent gardening, planting and growing.

XX The Resurrection

It is an indicator of magnetic healing. We can see the Chiron God, representation of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

XXI The Transformation – The Truth – The Crown of Life

This card symbolizes the prestidigitation, the aerial combats and the magnetic force of the internal bodies.

XXII The Fool – The Crazy Man

It is the one representing the igneous force. To the left we see the sign of the musical composition, in the center the orchestra and to the right the musical interpretation.

How Free Egyptian Tarot Reading Works

The reading of Egyptian tarot online has the function of exercising as an advisor that clarifies the mysteries that characterize our existence.

It is well known for everyone that Egypt is the place of mysteries, cradle of ancient civilizations, root of the human existence, wisdom and philosophy in all its aspects.

Not to mention that the gods of the Egyptian pantheon are able to give us answers to all our questions about our inner life and the outside world.

Ancient civilizations already used methods of divination in shells, stones, bones, sand and even water. Everything which could be useful to mitigate the anxiety of human beings that provokes the obsession of knowing the future.

egyptian cards reading

The Egyptian charts, charged with symbolism, can overwhelm you a little the first time you read Egyptian tarot, but your predictions are clear and representative, so you will not have problems understanding their messages.

These cards are a portal that connects our world and beyond, between the conceptual and the abstract, between the real and the fantastic. This indicates that the opposing poles are connected in some way.

The interpretation of the free Egyptian card reading differs from the rest in its line of representation. You get 3 cards and, depending on their position (first, second and third) they will be interpreted in a different way.

Thus, the first letter is representing the past and the sentimental life, the second indicates the present of the consultant and refers to his professional life, and the third and last indicates the future and his state of health.
I hope this text on Egyptian tarot has served you to better understand this beautiful divinatory art. Be sure to visit the other pages of this website: