Let yourself be carried away by the fantasy of the Celtic Tarot. The only tarot inspired by forest spirits, elves, fairies and nature. The mythology that surrounds the culture of the Celtic people is known across the world for being one of the most mystical ones.

To know your immediate future now, perform your free Celtic Tarot card reading here.

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This card reading offers you a reading with 3 cards, to make it easier for you to interpret the complex Celtic predictions.

  1. Select 3 cards from the deck to be displayed by pressing the button above.
  2. Click on “View Result” and the prediction of each card will be displayed.
  3. To make another query, you must click on “Get New Cards” and you will be shown the initial deck again.

The purpose of the Celtic Tarot is to give answers to your doubts and to show you the possible paths to follow to get what you want the most in your life. It retains some similarity with the Kabbalah insofar as it conceives the world in a unique way, making use of the fanciful thoughts of the consultant.

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But it does not just guess the future, the Celtic oracle is used to consult very different topics, it can help you in all aspects of your life. The gods and creatures of the forest will guide you on the path to finding happiness. It is a divination based on the Celtic traditions and it gives you the opportunity to improve every aspect of your life.

Free Celtic Tarot helps those who seek the truth to get to know each other better and have a detailed view of their goals in life. The Celtic oracle is also an aid to discover other worlds and to better explore the inner worlds of oneself.

But remember that only we ourselves own our future, so the decisions you make based on tarot messages will be your responsibility. Take them with cunning and determination and do not look back. Be positive and smile to life.

The Celtic Tarot origins

The origin of the Celtic people dates back to the Iron Age, their culture lived between 1200 and 400 BC and spread throughout Ireland, Great Britain and several areas of Europe. During this stage of history, the Celts spread from the Iberian Peninsula to the east by Greece and Italy. Already at the end of century V a.C. They had occupied Rome and continued conquering other geographical areas of the continent.

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They are known as Celts those tribes or set of villages that used to communicate Celtic languages. Therefore its origin is not ethnic or archeological, it is purely cultural.

Their customs, myths and legends were transmitted throughout history until today.

The world of the Celts were the forests, the fantastic creatures that lived in them, the gods of nature, the spirits of the air and the wind. It is in this philosophy that the free Celtic Tarot is based.

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At present, we have specialists in making card readings that are called tarot readers. But in Celtic times the people who had the power to see the future of others were the Druids.

These beings firmly believed that they were connected with the gods of the earth, air, water and plants and that they had a close relation with the fantastic creatures of the forest.

They used the secret alphabet called Ogham to elaborate their prophetic messages. Ogham is a sacred and magical writing which, according to the Celts, is attributed to God Ogmios.

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Only the Druids and the priestly class were introduced in the use of this alphabet, which is used for the transmission of ideas, knowledge, magic and divination.

The magic of the Celtic cards

Due to the complexity of the Celtic cards, this tarot is not the most used in a reading, despite its great level of accuracy. In fact, the Celtic Cross Spread is the most complicated to perform of all existing tarots. Later on we explain how tarot readers experts do it.

The Celtic cards serve to connect with the world of our natural environment and reap the prophetic messages reserved for the tarot.

For the Celtic card spread in this web we have made it easy, we put at your disposal a tarot tool that allows you to make a 3 card reading.

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The Celtic Tarot cards have been designed by Giacinto Gaudenzi and Saverio Tenuta, authors who revolutionized the Waite-Smith tarot concept by applying Celtic mythology to traditional cards. Gaudenzi was responsible for creating the Major Arcana while Tenuta devised the Minor Arcana.

At the moment of the ritual of divination the consultant should not be distracted, since the secret of the success of this tarot lies in your inner listening.

The Arcana of the Celtic Deck

The Celtic deck is divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana are those used in card games, minors rarely used for divination, sometimes clarify the main prediction with some small nuances.

The major arcana are each represented by a deity of Celtic mythology. Are the names of the main races of heroes that are spoken in Celtic legends.

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The minor arcana, however, are representations of the various Irish tribes of that period. Each stick of this group of cards symbolizes a distinct Celtic people. These arcana tell the exploits of this ancient people, possessors of an intimate relation with the spiritual dimension of the nature.

Celtic cards make us take a wonderful journey through Celtic symbols and legends over time.

The Celtic Cross card spread

The Celtic cross is probably the oldest and most popular method for tarot reading.

To carry out the reading in Celtic Cross you must use only the Major Arcana of the Celtic Tarot deck. These arcane are divided into 5 groups each representing a cycle of the Celtic stage: heroic, adventurous, oceanic, historical and mythological.

Within these groups there are also negative, positive and other neutral cards.

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As in all divination games, the sorting order of the cards determines their location in the reading and, of course, the meaning of the same in the interpretation.

This spread consists of a cross consisting of four cards to the right and three cards to the left arranged in columns (also called axis). And four more cards arranged horizontally with one more card above covering the first one that is obtained from the deck shuffled. If we observe with attention we see that a cross is formed in these positions.

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In the Celtic cross the meaning of the ten drawn sheets is as follows:

  1. Yourself.
  2. What you experience right now.
  3. What surrounds your life.
  4. Your recent past.
  5. Your nearest future.
  6. The conflict situation in which you find yourself.
  7. External forces influencing that conflict.
  8. The internal forces that influence your decisions.
  9. What you crave and the fears of not reaching it.
  10. Resolution of the conflict.

To correctly place the sheets you must follow these tips:

  • You must place the cards in Celtic cross from north to south. From the “nadir” (lowest position of the sun, dusk), to the zenith, which is the point at which the sun is at its highest position in the sky.
  • From east to west, symbolizing sunset and sunrise.

This reading in Celtic Cross not only provides information about the consultant, but also reports on everything that can come from the outside. Therefore, it helps the consultant to navigate carefully for the changing situations that arise in their life.

celtic cross spread

That is why this spread is ideal to consult at times when we are before a difficult conflict to solve as a transfer or change of work, the arrival of a new love, an unexpected trip, etc.

With this method, it is not only easier to see the answers to your question, but also to your environment and circumstances.

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