Discover the magic of the angels tarot, the bearers of enlightenment that will reveal the secrets of the future to you.

If you want to know the messages that the angels have reserved for you perform a card reading of the angelic tarot totally free. Just click on the image below and follow the instructions.

  • Choose three cards from the deck that appears on the screen
  • Click on the button that says “View Result”
  • The corresponding predictions of each angel will be displayed
  • To make another query, click on “Get new cards”

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Angels are beings of light who watch over us every day, even if we do not realize it. Their presence and their efforts to protect us help us to face the problems of our daily life, since they are always there. They advise us in our dreams, guide us in the path of destiny, instill courage and tenacity on us to face the problems and the worries of life. The free angels tarot will help you to get in touch with the angel watching over you right now, so you can answer your questions and reveal your future in the short and long term.

These beings of light are present in every moment of our lives. They deliver messages, guide us or bring us healing. We are never alone.

You just have to be attentive to the signs, because there are many and everywhere. Open your heart and soul. Let yourself go. Let go and you will be surprised with the answers that are in front of you.

The angels tarot gives you immediate answers, without waiting, completely free and without registration or email.

At this very moment, the angels are whispering words of love and offering advice to guide you on your way. If you cannot perceive them or have problems to listen to them do not worry, thanks to the angels tarot you can get it. The angels cards will tell you exactly what your heavenly guides are trying to communicate to you.

angels tarot

This angelic oracle will help you to mitigate the worries and emotional blockages you have inside of you. In any case, you will receive answers and guidance on the meaning of existence or your destiny.

Whether one is a believer or not, the angels are there, day after day, to help us and shed light on our lives. Once the contact with them is established, they bring joy and serenity to those who consult them.

They always watch over us, ready to help us. But be aware, angels speak to you only if they are asked to be present or if they are invoked. A means of invocation is precisely the angels tarot.

Do not hesitate to use them in times of doubt, conflict or just in case of problems. Because they will give us clues and keys to escape and find a solution to that situation.

Close your eyes, start reading the angels for free and you will find the answer thanks to your guardian angel. The angels tarot has the solution to your problems.

What is the angels tarot

The angels tarot is a form of divination based on the relatively recent Marseilles tarot. The principles remain the same, but the angels card reading is very different. A guardian angel appears on each sheet. As a result, this free angel reading is bound to be reassuring and optimistic. He is there to calm and bring your light to your questions, indicating the most positive forces you have in your favor. On the other hand, the interpretation of the angels of the tarot guard does not require advanced knowledge in the field of the esoteric sciences. Essentially you should focus your energies on favorable positive spiritual values so that the angels tarot will fill you with positive energy. But if the free angels tarot is different from the traditional one, what does it look like?

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Many decks of the angelic tarot include only 22 or 32 cards. They refer, respectively, to the 22 Major Arcana of the traditional Marseilles tarot or thirty-two cards of the classic cards. However, other cards also have 78 cards, each symbolizing an angel and its predictions. With this type of angelic cards all the methods used to make the Marseilles traditional tarot card are possible.

The Angels tarot cards

Whatever the number of cards in the deck is, each sheet represents a different guardian angel. Angelic cards are beneficial, serve to guide and provide the necessary guidance to the consultants to help them when making a decision. There is no standard angels deck itself. In fact, each guardian angel of which they are composed may vary from one to another. However, there is a constant in most angel tarots. This is the case of angels cards that indicate abundance, kindness, affection, and also intelligence. Some decks contain even 81 angelic tarot cards. The angels tarot does not have, strictly speaking, absolutely negative letters, although some angels are more beneficial than others.

the angel tarot

All free angel cards show inventive and are very beautiful. In addition, this type of celestial angel tarot attracts many talented artists who want to create their own versions of this deck of angels and spread their light. This is not only good for preserving the game that is essential to maintaining its perpetuity, but also for angels to feel loved. So we must be careful when we use it, we must treat it with respect.

The free angels reading

To make the most successful free angel tarot reading for the first time we must be in a quiet place where one feels good. The most important thing is to have a clear and calm mind and be relaxed, so that we are able to direct our thoughts over the angels cards and the consultation that we intend to ask. In this quiet place, you can relax by making the cards of the angelic tarot. Perform as many card readings as you need, ask for help from the light beings and then repeat it as many times as you wish. They are happy to help you and serve you, you can ask them what you want at any time.

angels tarot cards

Look closely at the cards and receive their messages. If you wish you can repeat a sentence every time you feel it is the right time.

Choose three cards of all that are from the shuffled deck, each one of them represents an angel who will tell you his personal message.

The first angel will remind you of moments in the past that have influenced your life today. The second symbolizes the actuality of the conflict by which it is consulted, and the third, it indicates the future that will arrive if you solve or not the problem to consult.

angels tarot reading

If you want to consult about another person, you must say his name and think about it at the same time as you repeat the question quietly. This person must have some kind of relationship with you, you must know it.

Analyze in detail the messages of each angel, as it will be the compendium of your predictions which will give you the key to be able to put an end to the conflict that is clouding your life.

The meaning of the angels in tarot

Most angels tarots are sold with a book that reveals the benefits and competencies of each card. It is also possible that they make some reference to the story of a guardian angel in particular.

However, these are only general guidelines for getting to interpret the oracle of the free angels. The guardian angels are there to protect us and guide us in clairvoyance. The cards express all external forces and our own psyche. You have to trust your intuition to listen to the messages that the guardian angels want to send us.

tarot of angels

The angels cards can also be used to learn about the guardian angel of the consultant. Thanks to the oracle of the free angels we can learn many things from these beings of light, to know better all the ins and outs of this beautiful divinatory art and to know our future.

To get an answer to a more or less precise question, to guide you towards changes in your life or to awaken your spirituality, the angels tarot is your tool to walk safely towards your future.

The message of your guardian angel

Our guardian angel is there to guide us, he supports you in difficult times and protects you at all times.

You can also get the message your guardian angel has for you according to your zodiac sign. Open your heart and open your soul to the beautiful message of the divine angels.

angels tarot online

We can also get in touch with our angel speaking aloud, but without the help of the angels tarot we will not be able to see his answer. These luminous beings try to contact us in many different ways, the angelic tarot is the most reliable and clear way that they have to do so. If you believe with all your strength in the power of the angels, after your consultation you will notice changes in your life, small details that you may overlook without realizing, but they are happening.

Each person has its own guardian angel. Depending on our month and day of birth we are assigned an angel who gives us protection from the moment we first see the light.

Who is my guardian angel?

Each person has a protective angel who guides and helps us. It is not always the same. Depending on our moment of birth we will have one or the other. These principles are based on astrology in conjunction with clairvoyance, it is also called horoscope of angels.

cads of angels

This is your guardian angel according to your birth:

Born in January

From January 1 to January 5: Nemamiah

From January 6 to January 10: Yeialel

From January 11 to January 15: Harahel

From January 16 to January 20: Mitzrael

From January 21 to January 25: Umabel

From January 26 to January 30: Iah-hel

Born in February

From January 31 to February 4: Anuael

From February 5 to February 9: Mehiel

From February 10 to February 14: Damabiah

From February 15 to February 19: Manakel

From February 20 to February 24: Eyael

From February 25 to February 29: Habuhiah

Born in March

From March 1 to March 5: Rochel

From March 6 to March 10: Jamabiah

From March 11 to March 15: Haiaiel

From March 16 to March 20: Mumiah

From March 21 to March 25: Vehuiah

From March 26 to March 30: Jeliel

Born in April

From March 31 to April 4: Sitael

From April 5 to April 9: Elemiah

From April 10 to April 14: Mahasiah

From April 15 to April 20: Lelahel

From April 21 to April 25: Achaiah

From April 26 to April 30: Cahetel

Born in May

From May 1 to May 5: Haziel

From May 6 to May 10: Aladiah

From May 11 to May 15: Lauviah

From May 16 to May 20: Hahaiah

From May 21 to May 25: Iezalel

From May 26 to May 31: Mehbahel

Born in June

From June to June

From June 1 to June 5: Hariel

From June 6 to June 10: Hekamiah

From June 11 to June 15: Ragüel

From June 16 to June 21: Caliel

From June 21 to June 26: Leuviah

From June 27 to July 1: Pahaliah

Born in July

From July to July

From July 2 to July 6: Nelchael

From July 7 to July 11: Yeiayel

From July 12 to July 16: Melahel

From July 17 to July 22: Haheuiah

From July 23 to July 27: Nith-Haiah

From July 28 to August 1. Haaiah

Born in August

From August to August

From August 2 to August 6: Yerathel

From August 7 to August 12: Seheiah

From August 13 to August 17: Reiyel

From August 18 to August 22: Omael

From August 23 to August 28: Lecabel

From August 29 to September 2: Vasariah

Born in September

From September 3 to September 7: Yehuiah

From September 8 to September 12: Lehahiah

From September 13 to September 17: Chavaquiah

From September 18 to September 23: Menadel

From September 24 to September 28: Aniel

From September 28 to October 3: Haamiah

Born in October

From October 4 to October 8: Rehael

From October 9 to October 13: Ieiazel

From October 14 to October 18: Hahahel

From October 19 to October 23: Mikael

From October 24 to October 29: Veuliah

From October 30 to November 2: Yelahi

Born in November

From November 3 to November 7: Sehaliah

From November 8 to November 12: Ariel

From November 13 to November 17: Asaliah

From November 18 to November 22: Mihael

From November 23 to November 26: Vehuel

From November 27 to December 2: Daniel

Born in December

From December 3 to December 7: Hahasiah

From December 8 to December 12: Imamiah

From December 13 to December 16: Nanael

From December 17 to December 21: Nithael

From December 22 to December 26: Mebahiah

From December 27 to December 31: Poyel

This angels horoscope is widely consulted by all those people who want to have more information about their angel so they can better interpret a free angelic card reading.

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